Sarah K.

Sarah K.

Sarah K.

Tutoring English and Sciences in English (and Slovak if anyone is interested :D)

Pris Från 400 kr/h



My name is Sarah, I am from Slovakia and I came to Sweden to study Biomedicine at a university. I have been a tutor for many years now and in my high school, I was even the coordinator of tutoring. This means I already have plenty of experience and I had the opportunity to work with all kinds of different students. So if you need any help with learning English, Slovak, Mathematics, Chemistry, or Biology (taught in English) I will be more than happy to help!

I am fluent in English, Slovak, Czech, and on an intermediate level in German and Italian. And Swedish I am starting to learn just now, so we should have several languages to be able to communicate in :)


English - conversation

400 kr / 60 min