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Darya V.

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Russian and English tutoring with customized approach and affordable price!

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My name is Darya. I'm belarusian and my mother tongue is Russian. Teaching languages is my passion and I'm dedicated to it with all my heart. It's essential to me, to make every lesson interesting and productive, using new methodology and captivating materials. My language skills helped me to travel, work around the world and meet incredible people. I speak fluently Russian, English, Czech and I'm currently learning Spanish. I worked in New York and North Carolina for a year, lived in India, Portugal, Spain and Czech Republic for the last 10 years.

I'm teaching Russian and English privately to both kids and adults. I use my own materials and always make lessons interactive through videos, audio courses, music, funny quests and sharing cultural knowledge. I love turning theory into practice and motivate students to develop their skills more and more. Learning new language is easy and fun, believe me! I offer a first lesson for free, so we can get to know each other and identify the next steps suitable for both of us.

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