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Francesca P.

Francesca P.
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Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö
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Hello everyone! My name is Francesca and for some years I have been living and working in Spain, in Barcelona.

I'm italian. I studied Spanish starting from level A1 up to level C2, certified by the most prestigious organization in the study and teaching of the Spanish language, the Instituto Cervantes.

My lessons are in Spanish only, from day one. I use other languages ​​only to clear up particularly complicated doubts. My students value this aspect positively because they can improve quickly.

Since I have studied Spanish from scratch to mastering the highest level of the language, I do not only understand the doubts my students might have, but I have experienced similar situations to theirs.
For this reason, I can easily understand and solve the problems you may have while learning Spanish. I also speak other languages ​​(Italian, English, French, Portuguese) and this helps me to identify common difficulties and mistakes tailored to each specific language.

I prepare and supply customized material.

I have the following certificates:
- certificate as a DELE examiner (all levels: A1-C2) issued by the Instituto Cervantes.
- DELE Superior C2 certification, obtained in 2005.
- Certificate for teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language ELE, issued by the International House of Barcelona and recognized by the University of Barcelona.

Bachelor's Degree and Master in Foreign Languages and Literatures (110 cum laude), specializing in Spanish.

Graduated in Spanish (15/15 at the final exam), Liceo Linguistico L. Ariosto of Ferrara, final grade 93/100.

I have the DELF B2 French certification, issued by Alliance Française of Bologna

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any doubts.

- All levels: from A1 to C2
- General Spanish, university exam preparation, DELE A1-C2, SIELE


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I have been having private spanish lessons with Francesca for about 5 months now. She comes to teach at my home twice per week, and she is always on time to the minute. She is a fantastic teacher, very friendly, intelligent, patient and supportive. Moreover, she is very professional and knowledgeable in spanish linguistics, making her able to explain grammatical rules in simple and easy terms, something that native speaking spanish teachers may have problems with. She is also always well prepared ahead our lessens and she is perfectly organized. Moreover, Francesca is good at discovering the areas where need to work more and what pace is best for you. She helped me to start speaking better spanish within few weeks, more than I did with my other teachers in several months time. She is an awesome teacher that everybody should be happy working with! Thanks for your great help, Francesca!! - 22 dec. 2020