¡HOLA! Spanish native speaker teacher is in offer private classes in Göteborg

Nadia L.

Nadia L.
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spanska - nybörjare, spanska - avancerad
Göteborg, Landvetter
500kr - 600kr i 60 minuter
morgnar, middag, kvällar,
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I am a teacher of Chilean origin, Spanish native speaker that added to my passion in teaching, one of my great interests is multicultural experiences since I made a trip of three months around Europe visiting more tan 10 countries, I am currently in Göteborg with the aim of developing myself in a professional way in the area of education, also complementing my interest in cultural Exchange by creating relationships with people from various parts of the world.

I have realized that the way to feel at home is through Spanish and added to the increased interest in learning this language has developed in me a great motivation to transmit through teaching how interesting, rich in vocabulary and, why not, fun that it is to master this language and how useful is for the social and work environment in a world so connected and dynamic in which we live today.

Contact me and dare to experience a class with an spanish native speaker teacher!

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