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Piero C.

Piero C.
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spanska - nybörjare, spansk affärsvetenskap, engelska - nybörjare, affärsvetenskap - engelska, engelska - inträdesprov
Stockholm, Örebro, Östersund
privatundervisning via skype / online är möjligt
180kr - 200kr i 60 minuter
middag, kvällar, helg
Undervisning på den platsen som du önskar
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Study English or Spanish, 2 hours per week.

- People who want to learn English/Spanish from zero.

- Students of elementary, high school, university, institutions in general.

- People who are already studying need reinforcement of the topics seen in class.

- People who work and have little time but have a great desire to learn.

- People who want to enroll to study at an institute, university or language center and want leveling to enter ready.

- People who wish to travel to the United States or English-speaking countries.

- People who want to practice speaking, reading, writing and listening.

- Reinforcement of grammar and writing skills.

- Reinforcement to give a good job interview in English.


- Dynamic and personalized classes by Zoom. (2 hours per week)

- Classes focused on the 4 basic communication skills (Speaking, Listening, Writing, Reading)

- Teaching of phonemes in English to improve speaking and listening.

- Learning grammar through useful and everyday sentences.

- Schoology platform to upload assignments and take tests.

- Use of daily study cards, ANKI.

Before requesting a class you must take into account the following:

a) All classes will be online. (Zoom)

b) Includes material and online platform.

c) Classes can be individual or in study groups.

d) Leave me your email or phone number to get in touch with you.

Contact: Five one - nine one eight - eight eight four - three nine three
Teacher Piero.