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Mark Danes
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I am 32 years old. I am a developer in a multifunctional company. I want to teach my experiences and programming language. The lessons will be in English. I am master degree computer science student. End of the course We will talk about Introduction to Machine Learning Course. The lessons can be given in either your home or in a library (I prefer Kista Bibliotek)

I can help your homeworks ! Contact me. Whatsapp/sms/call me : 070 421 33 12

Total Course: 18 Hours ( 9 Weeks + Project 4 weeks.) 5000 SEK
* Project lessons are for free !

Single Price: Each lessons are 2 hours. And its price is 555 SEK

Week 1: Introduction,data types, operators, printf/scanf

Week 2: Conditionals, if/else, nested if, switch

Week3: Loops,for, while, do/while

Week4: Functions,pointers

Week 5: Arrays, multidimensional arrays, strings

Week 6: Structures

Week 7: File I/O

Week 8: Basic Project

Week 9: Introduction to Machine Learning

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